The Ready Group is delighted to announce that it has teamed up with six other leading UK coach operators to create The Coach Travel Group.

Following months of planning, the new national force in group travel has been formed by the strategic merger of Alpine TravelBarnes CoachesCoatham CoachesJH Coaches, Johnsons CoachesSwans Travel and The Ready Group. The new, innovative company has its sights set on maintaining and improving the highest standards in service quality and passenger experience.

The Ready Group – consisting of ReadybusArena TravelLJ Edwards and Turbostyle Coaches – offers a wide range of group travel services to passengers across London and the South East. The business enjoys close ties with the communities it serves and has now joined forces with like-minded operators from across the UK. 

"This is a big day for The Ready Group and marks a new era for passengers across the region, as well as the UK coach travel industry," said Matt Clayson, Managing Director of The Ready Group.

"The main motivation for merging with other coach travel businesses was to expand our reach and capabilities. Together, we aim to offer a more extensive network of routes and services across the country, providing enhanced convenience and options for our customers.

"The benefits of being a larger group include sharing resources and expertise to help us become more efficient while delivering a great service. The group can also negotiate better deals with suppliers and be able to invest in new technology, keeping the business moving forward."

Commitment to raising standards

This is just the start of the journey for The Coach Travel Group, as it has a high-growth strategy, including the prospect of future acquisitions. The aim is to establish the company as a leading operator and employer in the UK travel industry. 

While the group can rely on each member company’s reputation for safety, customer service and operational delivery, it is not standing still. The Coach Travel Group will focus on excellence in all areas with a commitment to continuous improvement achieved through investment in people, vehicles and services. 

Local expertise and national coverage

Like its fellow partners, The Ready Group has built up a strong reputation in the communities it serves. Our track record, heritage, experience and local links are part of the fabric of our business. While The Coach Travel Group can claim national reach, its heart remains in the local services offered by each member company.

Matt added: "Our customers can expect the same level of service, while we have plans to expand our range of holiday destinations. We are also exploring the possibility of introducing new amenities and travel packages to cater to customer demand.

"While maintaining our core services, we are excited to explore new destinations and markets. We are actively researching emerging travel trends and customer preferences to identify potential growth areas.

"Being part of a national group doesn’t change the fact that we remain committed to maintaining the personal service and attention to detail that have been hallmarks of our family-run business. The merger allows us to achieve economies of scale, which may positively impact our pricing competitiveness. We are committed to offering competitive rates while delivering exceptional value and service.

"In the longer term, The Coach Travel Group will become a leading national coach travel provider known for reliability, affordability and exceptional service. We aspire to be the first choice for passengers seeking convenient and comfortable group travel solutions.”

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