The World Travel Market London touched down in the ExCel this month and The Ready Group was there to learn about the big issues and latest developments affecting the travel industry.

For 42 years, the World Travel Market has been an important date on the calendar for travel and tourism professionals. Politicians, business leaders and regional representatives from around the globe come together to build relationships and discover what’s new. 

This year’s event ran from Monday 6th November to Wednesday 8th November, and attracted around 4,000 exhibitors from more than 100 countries. The packed agenda included more than 70 conference sessions with 170 speakers.

“Our attendance at the World Travel Market London underlines The Ready Group's commitment to staying ahead of the curve and exploring innovative approaches to connect with our audience,” says Head of Marketing Michelle Clayson.

“While we enjoyed some great meetings with customers and partners, the lessons we learned during the event will undoubtedly shape The Ready Group's strategies and operations moving forward. Our dedication to offering exceptional services to customers while emphasising sustainability, inclusivity and innovation is clear.”

The Ready Group sent a strong team, including Managing Directors Matt Clayson and Tim Bloomfield, Head of Sales Brian Kildunne, Head of Marketing Michelle and Marketing Manager Amy Romaine.

So what did they learn?

Day 1: Exploring new frontiers

On the first day, The Ready Group attended a series of thought-provoking seminars on a wide range of critical topics, from accessibility and sustainability to customer engagement and the empowerment of women in travel. 

One of the standout seminars was called Spotlighting Hidden Disabilities, which emphasised the importance of making travel services accessible and inclusive for all. For example, Readygroup recognises the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, a discreet sign that informs others that the wearer has a hidden disability and might require extra support. This is just one way that The Ready Group ensures that every passenger has a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

The seminar on Gamification revealed how the integration of game-like elements in marketing strategies can enhance customer engagement. The Ready Group has taken this on board for future marketing endeavours, providing a fun and interactive experience for customers.

The highlight of the day was the exploration of strategies for targeting younger people to secure future brand loyalty. In an ever-evolving market, understanding the preferences and behaviours of younger travellers is crucial. 

Sustainability took centre stage in another seminar, where The Ready Group gained valuable insights into responsible travel practices. The importance of promoting local, authentic experiences in trips and holidays was emphasised, aligning with The Ready Group's commitment to responsible and eco-friendly travel.

In the Lights, Camera, Adventure session, the power of storytelling through video content was discussed, focusing on customer testimonials and trend-based content. This approach aligns perfectly with The Ready Group's mission to showcase the undiscovered facets of destinations, sparking the imagination of passengers and encouraging them to explore new horizons.

The day concluded with a focus on empowering women in travel, addressing the underrepresentation of women in the industry. The Ready Group acknowledges the significant influence that women have on travel purchases and is committed to promoting diversity and gender equality within their ranks.

Day 2: A deeper dive into travel excellence

The second day of World Travel Market London saw more enlightening seminars, including Winning Gold: Why Events, Festivals and Sports Matter. This explored the significance of history, tradition and heritage in travel marketing, aligning sports with brand image. 

In the Business Case for Responsible Tourism seminar, discussions around carbon fund strategies, net zero roadmaps and the social impact of travel provided valuable insights. It was particularly eye-opening to learn that travel accounts for 10% of global employment and significantly contributes to the global GDP. The Ready Group's commitment to sustainable travel practices is aligned with the broader industry's efforts to reduce its environmental footprint.

The Ready Group's presence at the World Travel Market event showcased their commitment to being leaders in the coach travel industry, always ready to embrace new ideas and adapt to changing market dynamics. As they continue to implement the valuable insights gained from the event, travellers can look forward to even more inclusive, sustainable, and engaging travel experiences with The Ready Group.